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In the Garden

As Californians, we love our gardens. We are blessed with fertile soil and excellent weather that helps us grow various types of flowers, vegetables and other plants. Gardeners have many pest control options, but also know how to employ responsible and creative gardening practices.

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At Home

Homes are for people, families and their pets. Most Californians don’t want bugs in their homes and desire to prevent insects from intruding into their living spaces. To reduce the likelihood of such infestations, the use of insecticides represents one effective option.

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The Environment

Californians are among the most environmentally conscious and conscientious people. We recycle, we buy organic, we try to drive less, we are mindful of or home and garden pesticide use, and we take steps in our daily lives to minimize our impact to the environment.

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Are You a Responsible Gardener?

If you are a gardener or homeowner who chooses to use pesticides, we urge you to apply them responsibly. By following a few simple rules found on this site you can play an important role in preserving California’s water quality and environment.

Take our quick quiz to test your knowledge on gardening best practices and water conservation.

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Our Mission

The Pyrethroid Working Group is a national task force formed to promote sound science and foster the responsible use of pyrethroid-based pest control products.